Mariusz Stefaniak - Specjalista Informatyk - 12 lat praktyki zawodowej. Doświadczenie w programowaniu aplikacji bazodanowych, stron internetowych, zarządzaniu bazami danych oraz administrowaniu serwerami.
Mariusz Stefaniak - IT Specialist
Welcome on my website

I am IT specialist and programmer for more than fourteen years. During that time I have noticed how much money and efforts people waste using tools, that are not concordant to the problems that they work with. It's widely known, that it's impossible to win Formule 1 race driving family van.

The same situation we have with computer software. From the self application are good enough for typical use, but we need to remember that like each person is different and every business is different. Solutions that come true in one company, does not have to work in other. In specific situations we need specific tools - custom made applications / bespoke software, build to meet you specific needs and fulfil certain functions.

Working as IT Specialist I very often meet the situation when companies buys expensive and marvellous information systems, which does not cooperate at all and employees wastes their time retyping data from one system to another or sometimes, provides system with data in more complicated way that I can imagine. In that cases, the best solution is bespoke application that will integrate that two or more systems, extend theirs features and makes work with that system easier.

That's actually is this website about. Bespoke applications, integration of information systems, communication systems and similar.

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